Dog & Dingo Traps

The range of dog and dingo traps from Mascot Wire Works are suitable for domestic, commercial and research use. Features of our dog traps are as follows.

  • Available in either hook or platform configuration
  • Completely Non Injurious to Animal
  • Non spring loaded mechanisms which can cause injury to the dog/dingoes legs or tail
  • Hook release mechanism
  • Available in collapsible form for easy storage and transport
  • Originally designed in consultation with RSPCA
  • 100 Years of experience in ‘Animal Friendly’ trap manufacture
  • Tubular Galvanised Steel frame – MIG welded together for the ultimate strength.
  • Constructed from high quality One Steel galvanised steel
  • Available in Polished Stainless Steel for extra longevity
  • Also available in Powder Coated finish upon request
  • Wholly Australian Made of Australian materials
  • Most preferred brand by industry professionals


The dog and dingo traps are available in the following dimensions:

Cage: 61cm x 76cm x 152cm in length.
Mesh: 25mm x 25mm x 2.50mm 
Tube: 20mm x 20mm x 1.60mm

If you would like more information on 'Dog & Dingo Traps', please contact us via the contact form or via email.